Underground Tanks

UL-58 Tanks

Corrosion protected steel single and double-wall underground storage tanks. Sti-P3 tanks are proven performers in a wide range of applications from gas stations to home heating oil tanks to residential and commercial use for back-up generators. All Sti-P3 tanks are compatible with alternative fuels and are backed by a 30-year warranty against internal and external corrosion. Only tanks manufactured by STI licensees, built to STI standards and subjected to extensive quality assurance programs can bear the STI label.

Industries: Agriculture, Transportation, Construction, Aviation, Industrial, Government, Distribution

Model # Capacity Dimensions Thickness Weight Drawing
40-00290-34290 gal.34" x 72"10 ga.475# 
42-00290-34290 gal.34" x 72"10 ga. / 10 ga.900# 
40-00500-46500 gal.46" x 72"7 ga.835# 
42-00500-46500 gal.46" x 72"10 ga. / 10 ga.1225# 
40-01000-461000 gal.46" x 144" 7 ga.1375# 
42-01000-461000 gal.46" x 144" 10 ga. / 10 ga.2045# 

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