Fireguard Tanks

Fireguard dual-wall tanks insulates fuel or other flammable and combustilbe liquids from ambient temperature variations.  Built to UL-142 specifications and listed under UL-2085 for "Insulated Secondary Containment", Fireguard tanks are both "Protected Fire Resistant"; being ideal for storage of a wide range of fuels and chemicals including biodiesel and ethanol.  Available in cylindrical and rectangular shapes and both vertical and horizontal designs, Fireguard Tanks are 75% lighter than their concrete competitors by using a unique state of the art thermal insulation. Every Fireguard tank provides 110% secondary containment and is ballistic resistant.

Lancaster Tanks can make Fireguard tanks up to 30,000 gallons.  Below is a sample of our offering.

Industries: Agriculture, Transportation, Construction, Aviation, Industrial, Government

Model # Capacity Dimensions Thickness Weight Drawing
46-00300 300 gal.50" X 72"10g3100# 
46-00500 500 gal.54" x 72"10g3550# 
46-01000 1000 gal.70" x 78"10g5120# 
46-01500 1500 gal.70" x 114"10g6800# 
46-02000 2000 gal.70" x 151"7g8200# 
46-03000 3000 gal.70" x 222"7g11300# 
46-04000 4000 gal.70" x 294"7g12800# 
46-00500-RT 500 gal.102" x 48" x 48" 10g6050# 
46-01000-RT1000 gal.88" x 72" x 50"10g5150# 
46-02000-RT2000 gal.140" x 72" x 60"7g8800# 
46-03000-RT3000 gal.250" x 72" x 50"7g12720# 
46-04000-RT4000 gal.331" x 72" x 50"7g16350# 

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Flameshield Tanks

Flameshield® are built by Lancaster Tanks & Steel Products under license from the Steel Tank Institute.  The Flameshield tank is a fire-resistant (two-hour fire resistance test by Southwest Research Institute SwRI 97-04) aboveground storage tank with emergency venting and built-in secondary containment. Flameshield is the tight-wrap, double-wall aboveground tank that provides protection against fire at the least possible cost.

Flameshield tanks are built in cylindrical and rectangular configurations. Capacities are from 300 to 20,000 gallons.  Tanks can also be constructed with an interior bulkhead to allow multiple compartments.


Below is a sample of our offering.


Industries: Agriculture, Transportation, Construction, Aviation, Industrial, Government, Distribution

Model # Capacity Dimensions Thickness Weight Drawing
44-00300 300 gal.38" x 60"12g/12g690# 
44-00500 500 gal.46" x 72"12g/12g965# 
44-01000 1000 gal.46" x 144"10g/12g1820# 
44-01500 1500 gal.64" x 108"7g/10g2985# 
44-02000 2000 gal.64" x 144"7g/10g3660# 
44-02500 2500 gal.64" x 180"7g/10g4325# 
44-03000 3000 gal.64" x 216"7g/10g4990# 
44-04000 4000 gal.64" x 288"7g/10g6340# 
44-05000 5000 gal.96" x 162".25/10g9895# 
44-06000 6000 gal.96" x 193".25/10g10985# 
44-08000 8000 gal.96" x 256".25/7g12200# 
44-1000010000 gal.96" x 320".25/10g15000# 
44-1200012000 gal.96" 384".25/10g17400# 

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