10,000 gallon Fireguard Tanks

Two Fireguard tanks installed at an airport.  These fire protected tanks were built in accordnace with UL-142 and UL-2085.  The tanks were lined for compatability with Jet Fuel and provided with stairs and access platforms.

20,000 Fireguard Tank

Split compartment tanks provided to state prison. Compartments maintained by a double bulkhead provided with an access fitting betwen the bulkheads that can me monitored to insure integrity.

12,000 gallon Fireguard Storage Tank

This tank was installed (8/08) at a school bus garage. It is duel compartment tank.

Bulk Oil Storage Tanks

There was a total of 12 15,500 gallon storage tanks in this installation (7/08)

24,000 gallon Oil Storage tanks

These two tanks for fuel oil storage are insulated and covered with an aluminum jacket. Platform work also included in the project (10/03)

10,000 tank and containment dike

These tanks were supplied with a covered canopy.